Sunday, July 26, 2015

Add Union Pacific to Rail Safety Delaying Lobbyists

The Intercept reported CSX and Burlington Northern lobbied to delay the implementation of safety regulations after Amtrak's deadly crash in Philadelphia.  Union Pacific spent $1.45 million in the second quarter.  They spent $1.25 million internally and $200,000 on five lobbying firms.

Union Pacific's board has two former White House Chiefs of Staff, Red team Andy Card and Blue squad Mac McLarty.    Last year each earned over $260,000 in board compensation.  Given connections are all that matters in our nation's capital Union Pacific's additional $530,000 should help stave off the people's servants.

Profits are more important than people.  They're needed to fund political campaigns/  Once elected these servants cater to one public and do their best to ensure their ongoing profitability. That doesn't include people traveling by anything other than private jet.