Sunday, May 15, 2016

Skybridge Capital's Hedge Fund Gathering Aided by Politicians

Skybridge Capital's Alternative Conference (SALT) began in 2009 with 350 people in attendance.  Seven years later 1,800 leaders from over 40 countries attended SALT. 

Fox News Charlie Gasparino informed viewers of the valuable content they received.  Gasparino said:

"The average Fox viewer gets insight into some of the biggest thought leaders in politics and business and that is rare, cause that's how the markets work these days."
Gary Kaminsky called it "the intersection of everything."

Liz Claman called it the "Superbowl of hedge funds." 

All but one of the images shown came from Skybridge Capital's promotional sites for the 2016 SALT Conference.  I took the liberty of adding "All you need is a pinch" next to David Rubenstein's fingers.

The American branded Government-Corporate Monstrosity grew exponentially via Uncle Sam's multi-trillion $ wallet.  As Charlie Gasparino eloquently stated:  "That's how markets work these days."  It's truly bipartisan.