Friday, September 25, 2020

Carlyle Adds Two COVID-19 Investments, TriNetX and Victory Innovations


The Carlyle Group added disinfecting equipment maker Victory Innovations and research organization TriNetX to its substantial coronavirus profit portfolio.  The private equity underwriter (PEU) took a majority stake in both firms and did not share transaction details.

TriNetX raised $40 million in March 2019 to fund growth.  March 2020 saw the coronavirus hit the U.S. Northeast hard.   

TriNetX enables researchers to apply a data-driven approach to health research by providing web-based, on-demand access to harmonized global electronic health record (EHR) and claims data

TriNetX sounds similar to recently disgraced Surgisphere, which withdrew a COVID-19 paper from The Lancet due to data intergrity questions.  Science reported:

Surgisphere founder Sapan Desai publicly aspired to combine big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in ways that he said can replace randomized controlled clinical trials. For a brief moment, it seemed that Surgisphere’s enticing data set, said to include nearly 100,000 detailed patient records from about 700 hospitals on six continents, would settle questions about the possible benefits of various drugs—including the controversial antimalarial hydroxychloroquine—for COVID-19 patients. 

Carlyle's press release quoted TriNetX CEO Gadi Lachman.

CEO Gadi Lachman added "To accomplish this we need to continue to develop solutions to support clinical research at our healthcare organizations and bring more global data and technologies such as AI, machine learning and analytics to researchers so that they can ask more questions and generate more real-world evidence. Carlyle's investment accelerates our growth plans and will shorten the time it takes to turn our vision into reality." 

Carlyle schooled on the coronavirus via its Chinese medical holdings.  President Trump's lingering inaction means many more cases to come, thus more Carlyle Group profits.  

Carlyle affiliates can conduct retrospective studies on COVID-19 (TriNetX), disinfect surfaces (Victory Innovations), screen airports for people with fever (Schneider Electric & HGH), test for COVID antibodies (Ortho Clinical), assist with blood plasma collection (MAK Systems), produce antibody drug conjugate (Piramal Pharma Solutions), ensure the maximum hospital bill for COVID-19 patients (TrustHCS), manufacture Ivermectin treatment (SeQuent Scientific) and make federal coronavirus purchasing something other than a clown show (Unison).  Coronavirus tea leaves suggest more PEU profits to come.