Monday, November 12, 2007

Dubai Aerospace Buys Again, This Time Publicly

Just months after Dubai Aerospace purchased two aircraft operations from the Carlyle Group to no fanfare, the same government owned company bought planes from Boeing and Airbus. In August, Carlyle sold Landmark Aviation and Standard Aero to the United Arab Emirates owned company. The silence over the deal was odd given the earlier uproar over Dubai Ports buying six U.S. port operations and the later concern over selling part of the NASDAQ market to another Dubai firm.

Why would selling aircraft maintenance and flight operations centers at 50 U.S. airports not be a concern? Why wouldn't it warrant public comment and government oversight, like other deals? The difference is this sale involved the Carlyle Group, forever vigilant in protecting their good name. Spreading lobbying grease to the tune of $400,000 via Landmark didn't hurt. Carlyle added another $460,000 in part to lobby on "issues related to CFIUS."