Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bush Shows How to Deal with Overheating Light Helicopter Pickup

President Bush scoffed at concerns expressed over the Army's new Light Pickup Helicopter Unit, intended to help in disasters. Recent tests of the twelve L-PUHU's delivered thus far indicate overheating. George W. Bush said "All you got to do is roll down the window, then everything's hunky dory. It's a good helicopter pickup, especially good for carting around VIP's like German leader Angelo Merkel. She requested I give her another shoulder rub. As for payload, I can fit a bunch of uninsured people in the back, if they keep their head down. Forty seven million? Maybe not that many. But there's lots of ways to get to an ER. One is to fly this baby in 80 degrees with the window rolled up! So do like me, roll down the window and quit poo-pooing the L-PUHU. Did I tell you one of my nephews lobbies for the manufacturer?" (The aforementioned quote is as fictional as the L-PUHU, should anyone be curious)