Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bilderberg Grease: Spooks, Wankers and PEU Bankers

The Guardian cites the Bilderberg Group's CIA and big money roots.  I prefer to focus on more recent stories between Bilderberg's reported attendees.

Two years ago White House OMB Chief Peter Orzsag and BP's Bob Dudley teamed up to vastly underestimate the flow of toxic oil from the Deepwater Horizon blowout.

Former Fannie Mae Senior Executive Tom Donilon served during Fannie's spate of fraudulent accounting, which enriched top executives like Donilon. Will he and Jerry Speyer yuck it up over Tishman-Speyers defaulting on $2 billion in Stuyvesant Town debt held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The usual list of non-media media types are attending, WaPo's Donald Graham, softball tosser Charlie Rose, WSJ's Peggy Noonan and FT's Martin Wolf.  Two reporters from The Economist are listed.  I take it their job is push Bilderberg meme's as reporting on the meeting itself is taboo.

I'd love to see Saif Gadhafi crash this party.  What might he say to Lord Mandelson, who worked hand in hand with Tony Blair to get the Lockerbie Bomber released, in return for BP access to Libyan oil.  Saif's attendance is not possible.  The same intelligence people behind Bilderberg likely broke Gadhafi the Younger long ago.

I do get a kick of the private equity underwriters (PEU's) at Bilderberg, many of them ex-politicians.  KKR's Henry Kravis and Red Ken Mehlman (KKR) join Blue James A. Johnson, Jr. (Perseus), Vernon Jordan (Lazard), Roger Altman (Evercore), Bob Rubin (Centerview), Steve Rattner (Willett) and Peter Thiel (Clarium).  The list is surprisingly consistent.

Fran Townsend sits on the board of DRS Technologies, which has a presence.  The Carlyle Group is there by extension, joint venture partner Mustafa Koc.  Fran did Carlyle a huge risk management favor after Hurricane Katrina.  She omitted affiliate LifeCare's 25 patient deaths from the White House Lessons Learned report.  Carlyle closed on LifeCare weeks before Katrina's landfall.

Fry up a big fat, greasy Bilderberger for global power/greed addicts.  How will they rehab the PEU image?  "Private equity capital knowledge executed responsibly" is abbreviated PECKER.

Update 6-4-12:  WaPo ran a number of pro-PEU pieces.  Did Donald Graham deliver a Bilderberg message?  Meanwhile, Bilderberger Charlie Rose interviewed Carlyle's Olivier Sarkozy as part of a series, "New Capitalists Shaping Our World."  It's underwritten exclusively by UBS.

Update 11-26-17:  Charlie Rose came under fire for sexually harassing eight women.  Just like Bilderberg, it's something he never reported about.  Gadhafi's son Saif is now free and making his way back into Libyan politics.  What stories about President Barack Obama and the West's take down of his father is he willing to tell?