Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carlyle Group's New Life Force

A Carlyle Group press release stated:

The Carlyle Group today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase a majority stake in Light Force SpA, owner of Italian womenswear brand Twin Set Simona Barbieri, from founders Tiziano Sgarbi and Simona Barbieri and Italian-based growth capital fund DGPA Capital. Integral to the transaction, Carlyle has formed a partnership with Mr Tiziano Sgarbi and Mrs Simona Barbieri to develop and grow the Twin-Set brand.
Like Scalina, Carlyle's Brazilian affiliate, Twin Set Simona Barbieri sells lingerie.  Twin-Set also has beachwear, jeans, and girls clothing.

Light Force is headquartered in Carpi (Modena, Italy) and, with approximately 300 employees, is one of the fastest growing Italian companies in the womenswear “accessible luxury” sector. 
Other brands using the "accessible luxury" moniker include Banana Republic and Paule KA, which is owned by Change Capital Partners. 

Twin-Set news highlighted placement of their bikinis with

Expansion is ahead...

Update 7-19-14:  Carlyle will suck dividends from Twin Set.

Update 4-15-17:  Carlyle now owns 100% of Twin-Set and founder Simona Barbieri is no longer the company's creative director. 

Update 11-30-17:  Carlyle is bringing Twin Set without Simona Barbieri to NYC, where it has other retailers, Supreme, Golden Goose Deluxe and Moncler (former Carlyle holding).