Sunday, July 1, 2012

Making Investors Happy!

CFO Journal reported:

Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein told the CFO Network that the private equity firm believes it can still make investors happy even after its lackluster initial public offering last month.

Make investors happy, which ones?  Carlyle suggested in its IPO filings it's first loyalty was to its partner unit investors, not common units.  IPO buyers recently saw Carlyle's units rise above the $22 offering price.

Will common unit holders be invited to the annual Carlyle Group Investors (CGI) Meeting, a longstanding gathering of the world's wealthy and powerful?  Doubtful.

There are multiple ways to please.  Carlyle knows this with their two investments in the luxury women's lingerie market, Brazil's Scalina and Itay's Twin-Set Simona Barbieri.

Might there be a runway at the 2012 CGI?

Update 9-20-12:  Carlyle invested in Penti, a Turkish lingerie firm.  Three's a charm!

Update 9-28-17:  Carlyle appears ready to cash in on Penti.

Update 1-20-18:  Carlyle is considering an IPO for Penti

Update 1-30-20:  Carlyle hired JP Morgan to help sell Twin Set.