Thursday, September 13, 2012

Carlyle to Retake Rendition Flyer Landmark Aviation?

 AIN Onliine reported:

While current private equity owners GTCR Golder Rauner and Platform Partners have yet to confirm reports that FBO chain Landmark Aviation is for sale, industry sources say that a deal for the services provider is close to being struck.

According to several insiders, the Carlyle Group investment fund manager–which owned the service provider (formerly known as Garrett/Piedmont-Hawthorne/Associated until its rebranding as Landmark) before its 2007 sale to Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE)–will once again acquire the U.S.-based group.
Carlyle's co-founders know how to read tea leaves.  Landmark operates flight based operations at 52 U.S. airports.  FBO's serve private jets owned by Carlyle's billionaire cofounders and their PEU peers.

Rumors had Landmark flying rendition flights for Uncle Sam. Someone released a film trailer trashing the Prophet Muhammed to coincide with the eleventh anniversary of 9-11.  Middle East anger is squarely aimed at U.S. Embassies.  Murderers of U.S. Ambassador to Libya may find themselves on a rendition flight.

Flying Billionaires have meetings to attend, the Carlyle Group investor meeting, the Clinton Global Initiative, the Milken Institute, the World Economic Forum in Davos and the curious Concordia Kids meeting which drew Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in successive years.  The Kids' partnership to combat extremism got a great shot in the arm from this week's events.

Carlyle and GTCR know there's big money to be made off fear and nightmares. It's scary how Carlyle and GTCR trade nightmarish companies.  Might GTCR get back an underwater (bankrupt) LifeCare Hospitals