Saturday, March 14, 2015

Senator Lindsey Graham's Virgin E-mailing Mouse

Washington's Blog reported:

Lindsey Graham – a member of the powerful Senate Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law – admitted Sunday that he has never sent an email in his entire life.

Bob Wenzel at Economic Policy Journal educated us on this practice five years ago:

The power elite don't use email, or at least an email account you are going to be aware of.

NYT published today a Deborah Solomon interview with former Bear Stearns chairman Ace Greenberg. At one point the interview goes like this: 

Solomon: Do you e-mail your clients?
Greenberg: No. I never use e-mail. The girls use the e-mail.
This is really a common situation with the power elite, and just plain super-rich. 
It's been publicly reported that billionaires Phil Anschutz, developer of L.A. Live, and Warren Buffett don't use email. Like Greenberg,all emails go through a secretary. 
In a private conversation, Council of Foreign Relations chairman Bob Rubin told me that all his emails go through his secretary. 
These guys simply have too much to lose to have emails coming or going directly, so they build a wall between their emails with a secretary. 
It's only the rest of us schmucks that can't afford to have a secretary read us our emails while we lounge and eat grapes, who are going to get nailed by the government for something we wrote in an email. For Greenberg, Anschutz, Buffett and Rubin when the government comes to ask about their email accounts, they just answer, "Don't have one. The girls use the email."

Hillary Clinton is a girl who ignored her obligation to archive communications made while Secretary of State.  Rules don't apply to the Grahams, Clintons or Bushes.  They make and arbitrarily apply rules to their favor.

Senator Lindsey Graham will be handsomely rewarded by defense and homeland security contractors, as well as private equity underwriters and Wall Street, for his service to the billionaire class while in office.

Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein received a technology award for owning a company that enabled e-mailing from planes.  

I'm sure Senator Graham and PEU Bob Rubin are appreciative of the girls who email from their private jets.  Do the ladies launder, cook and clean as well?