Sunday, March 8, 2015

Clinton E-mail Staffers Now PEUs

The DailyMail reported:

The domain name was originally registered to Bill Clinton confidante Eric Hothem, the Times discovered. 

Hothem is the same aide who was charged with packing up and carting off furniture from the White House at the end of Bill Clinton's presidency that he said was 'Clinton’s personal property.'   The furnishings were later determined to be government property, however, and the Clintons were required to pay $86,000 in restitution for the items they kept. Others, they had to return. 

Hothem now works in finance (for J.P. Morgan Securities) in Washington, D.C., and another former Clinton staffer's name is on the server registration - Justin Cooper.  It is set to expire in 2017, when Hillary Clinton would theoretically take office if she were to compete for and win the presidency next year. 

Cooper has also since left the employment of the Clintons for Teneo Holdings, a firm managed by a former Bill Clinton adviser Douglas Band. 

What are the odds two ex-public servants would end up working for Wall Street or private equity?  Pretty high, actually. 

It's time for the shady Clintons to come clean yet again.  They won't.  Rest assured a lackey will take the fall and in time, their rewards will be great