Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Petraeus Remains Free to PEU

ABC News reported:

Decorated war veteran and former CIA director David Petraeus has entered into an agreement with federal prosecutors in which he would plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge for mishandling classified information.

The charge, unauthorized removal and retention of classified material, stems, in part, from documents the former director allegedly provided to his mistress
The misdemeanor charge follows his words of contrition:

In addition, in a private letter to a friend two weeks after his (CIA Director) resignation, Petraeus wrote: “I screwed up royally. ... I paid the price, appropriately.”
He's paid virtually no legal price, just as his private equity underwriter (PEU) employer KKR pays virtually no taxes.  They are free to PEU together, thanks to President Obama's "Just Us" Department.

Update 4-23-15:  As expected Petraeus got off easy with two years probation and a $100,000 fine.  His leaks were to inflate his ego and help his concubine.  There were no higher ideals or desire to unearth injustice.  That's exactly what we have, injustice.