Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trump's Billionaires Boys to Club at Davos

President Donald Trump's economic team will join him in Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum meeting.  Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will chaperone America's petulant President/Commander in Chief.

Here's what CNBC had to say about Ross in 2014:

Billionaire vulture investor Wilbur Ross knows a crisis when he sees one. He likes to buy stuff when a crisis becomes more like desperation. And he's really good at it. That's why he's rich.

Half billionaire Steven Mnuchin earned the nicknamed “foreclosure king” for purchasing distressed mortgages during the financial crisis and evicting thousands of homeowners.

The last time Trump's billionaire boys hung out with their peers was the Milken Global Conference, sometimes called "Davos with better weather."

Might Trump express his gratitude given the Davos boys created the fertile conditions that got him elected?  The Clinton Global Meeting grew to Davos like stature, a place to rub elbows and push money around to friends.

There's irony in Trump is attending the very meeting he slammed as a Presidential candidate, more proof that election promises stay with the campaign. Both the Red and Blue political teams do it.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry attended Davos in as Texas Governor.  Governor Perry gifted The Carlyle Group's Vought Aircraft with $35 million.  Rather than create 3,000 new jobs Carlyle cut 35 positions.  Perry gave Carlyle $1 million per job eliminated over a six year period.

Those who aren't yet in the billionaire class, serve the billionaire class.  Trump's team will be in Davos to serve the uber-rich.