Monday, January 8, 2018

Two Weeks to Davos, Where Billionaires Yearn

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting will reconvene in Davos, Switzerland on January 23rd.

Socially, citizens yearn for responsive leadership; yet, a collective purpose remains elusive despite ever-expanding social networks. All the while, the social contract between states and their citizens continues to erode.
Translated:  Leaders don't listen to the people they supposedly serve.  Instead they focus on the needs of their super rich donors who are likely to employ them post public service.  The eroding social contract makes citizens fearful and angry, especially as nearly all economic gains have gone to the wealthy and uber wealthy.  Davos is a gathering of these two groups, political leaders and the super rich, many of whom are corporate chiefs.  That's the group that refused to raise their hands when asked if they would use the tax cut to increase worker pay. 

Davos 2018 has the following plans:

We can shape the future by joining this unparalleled global effort in co-design, co-creation and collaboration
The Davos crowd co-designed a political system that only listens to money.  They co-created a world that caters to billionaires and their needs to have more.  They fractured the world over the last two decades.  The public just began to notice on a widespread scale what the greed and leverage boys have accomplished.

Do you trust the group that employed greed to fracture the world to repair their damage?  It looks like a Gary Cohn gathering, most of you have your hands down.

Update 1-9-18:  President Trump will attend Davos.  Might Trump express his gratitude given the Davos boys created the fertile conditions that got him elected.  The Clinton Global Meeting grew to Davos like stature, a place to rub elbows and push money around to friends.  The irony is Trump is attending the very meeting he slammed as a Presidential candidate.  More proof that election promises stay with the campaign.