Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saudis Going to Davos, bin Talal Lands in High Security Prison

Saudi Prince Alaweed bin Talal has been transferred to a high security Al Ha'ir prison.  News report indicates Prince Alwaleed's leverage to demand a trial or negotiate a deal is "dwindling by the day."

Trial by jury used to be important to our federal republic and a key feature of international expectations.  It's clear strong counter-puncher President Donald Trump will not intervene on the Prince's behalf.

The Saudis will send a delegation to the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  ArabNews reported:

Saudi Arabia has accepted an invitation on behalf of senior policymakers, in addition to official WEF partners like Saudi Aramco and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).
In addition to placing bin Talal in a high security prison the Saudi government has taken over BinLaden Group, the country's largest construction company.

Holding people without trial and seizing family owned corporate assets should be important to a group concerned about economic fairness and justice.  The Davos boys have long been a club that enriched one another.  Few high profile people have spoken out on Prince Alaweed bin Talal's behalf.

If Davos is true to form attendees will cater to louts who can push money their way, ignoring how such leaders flout basic civil liberties. 

Update 12-28-18:  McKinsey abandoned a Saudi partner who is yet to be released from the Crown Prince's abusive shakedown.