Monday, May 19, 2008

Carlyle to Bank Your Gas Money!

Super rich Middle East sovereign wealth funds continue scouring the landscape for places to invest their hundreds of billions in oil profits. It looks like the infamous Carlyle Group may entice them to pour more of their overflowing coffers into their vault. Carlyle could soon sell additional shares to Gulf investors. Last year they sold 7.5% of their private equity underwriter (PEU) to a United Arab Emirates government fund for $1.35 billion.

Recall Congress explored the topic of U.S. asset sales to Middle Eastern SWF's not long ago. Front and center stood Senator Evan Bayh, D-Indiana, one of the point men for Hillary Clinton's Presidential run. Evan saw few problems with corporate sales to foreign government owned corporations. Did that have anything to do with Carlyle being one of his biggest lifetime campaign donors, number seven on his list?

Never mind the other coincidences. Two members of the Clinton White House occupy key positions in Carlyle, Mack McLarty and David Marchick. David recently testified before Congress on the benefits of selling chunks of American corporations to Middle East government companies. David failed to note how Carlyle sneaked in the sale of fifty U.S. airport operations to Dubai Aerospace last August.

Hillary spoke on April 12th at an Allison Transmission plant in Indiana, a Carlyle affiliate since August 2007. By her side was the aforementioned Senator Evan Bayh. Numerous journalists failed to note the ownership change, referring to the plant as GM's. Several months earlier Mrs. Clinton toured another Allison plant in Maryland. On February 11th, she promoted her green power jobs from a "GM" plant. Her remarks never mentioned Allison's real owner, The Carlyle Group. How could the media miss all The Carlyle Connections? This leads us back to the former board member of CaterAir, a past member of the Carlyle corporate fold, our current President.

President Bush called rising gas prices "like a tax on the working people", and part of those rising prices include rising profits. So your tax money is going to foreign government investment funds, which may soon share another huge chunk with The Carlyle Group, just down Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. It looks like another screwing from the boys in power in Washington, D.C. Welcome to the government industrial monstrosity. Carlyle grew from $13 billion to over $81.1 billion during Bush's term in office. What new benchmark will it hit before George W. leaves office in January 2009?