Friday, February 27, 2009

Carlyle's UAE Connections a Flying Carpet

The Carlyle Group has airy connections to the United Arab Emirates and their sovereign wealth funds. Here they are:

1. Mubadala Development Co. purchased 7.5% of The Carlyle Group

2. Carlyle sold Landmark Aviation and Standard Aero to Dubai Aerospace. This received no media attention, despite occurring between the Dubai Ports World outrage and the NASDAQ/Bourse uproar.

3. Mubdala signed a joint venture agreement with Sikorsky Aerospace Services. It establishes a military aviation MRO joint venture in Abu Dhabi. It will support the UAE Armed Forces and other military aircraft in the Middle East and North Africa.

Other military aircraft in the Middle East and North Africa? That wouldn't be the U.S. military? The Carlyle Group leverages political contacts to make big money on government work. Did they teach Mubdala their tricks?