Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carlyle Group Affiliates Step Toward Big Brotherization

If only George Orwell were alive. He read dozens of newspapers to keep track of the analog world wide web.

Two articles spotlight technology worthy of Orwell's 1984. Both firms, Canesta and Supercircuits, are affiliates of The Carlyle Group.

Canesta's camera picks up 3D images, such as a person sitting in front of a laptop or TV, and enable him or her to use facial expressions or hand gestures to control the device. That can mean changing channels, scrolling through photos, or interacting in a game like Second Life.

Supercircuits is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial and residential video surveillance solutions. It plans to invest further in law enforcement and dealer initiatives.
Combine the technologies and what Orwellian things might happen? Only Booz, Allen, Hamilton knows for sure.

Update: even the WSJ noted the Orwellian theme