Monday, June 21, 2010

Carlyle Group Monetizing Booz

Rumors have The Carlyle Group taking Booz Allen Hamilton public. It would be the second IPO in the huge government consulting firm's history. WaPo reports the IPO is imminent and could happen next week. On May 27 Booz filed Form D, an exempt offering of securities, with the SEC. This provided Carlyle executives the opportunity to load up on Booz stock pre-IPO.

The Carlyle Group downed Booz in August 2008. They recently were in talks with AT Kearney.

How big will Booz be when it goes public? Will the IPO occur with less than two years of Carlyle ownership? How much in interest and management fees did Booz pay? How will Carlyle's principals profits from flipping Booz?

Carlyle's monetization continues. Look for an S-1 soon if the story is true.

Update: WaPo cited how Booz executives may profit from stock options in a major change of control.