Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disgraced Hurd Attractive to PEU's

Former HP CEO Mark Hurd is attractive to private equity underwriters say professional recruiters. Hurd lost his job for lying on expense reports and sexually harassed a private contractor. Bloomberg reported various head hunters saying:

He’s too radioactive.

Step one is to repair himself and his family personally. Step two is his public image.

He will be very attractive to private equity.

Hurd might be a good fit as CEO of First Data Corp. What First Data needs is some heavy-duty cost-cutting and that is what Mark Hurd is good at.

Ironically, HP recently purchased Palm from a PEU, Elevation Partners. Will U2's Bono give Hurd a good reference?

Hurd on the street, What can Browne do to you?

The ethically challenged congregate together. They certainly have one another's back. Ask Lord John Browne. Lucky to make purgatory in the afterlife, Browne's career resurgence is complete. The Carlyle Group/Riverstone Holdings Managing Director is remaking WhiteHall, British government services.

PEU's infect corporate board rooms and America's hallowed halls of governance. Ethics are so passe.