Monday, September 13, 2010

Carlyle Partner Bob Johnson on Wealth Gap

Robert L. Johnson will speak at Johns Hopkins University on “A Society Divided: The Growing Wealth Gap and the Role of American Business.” Johnson is famous for his founding of Black Entertainment Television (BET). He's less well known as a private equity underwriter (PEU).

Bob Johnson partnered with The Carlyle Group in 2005. Carlyle provided seed equity for RLJ Equity Partners.

Carlyle experienced astronomical growth in the new millenium. PEU's benefited mightily from carried interest taxation, one factor contributing to America's soaring "wealth gap." Will Mr. Johnson speak to this tax feature? Will he tout the private equity model, now ubiquitous on the world greed stage?

RLJ Equity's investments include a Brazilian tour operator, industrial vinegar and precision engineered components and assemblies. Their latest deal involves Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC, the largest minority owned accounts receivable management company in the country.

Who provides Enhanced Recovery Company more business, the have's or the have not's? Johnson mines the wealth gap and political connections to further his mountaintop position. It's the PEU way.