Friday, March 11, 2011

Power Squared: Albright & Soros

Reuters reported:

A fund affiliated with hedge fund billionaire George Soros and one linked to former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright are buying a controlling stake in APR Energy, a company that mainly supplies temporary power in developing countries, for $250 million.

Albright Capital Management LLC is an investment firm dedicated to emerging markets, available only to institutional and accredited investors.  It does not offer generally offer investment advice to the public.  Does that apply to any work done for U.S. Treasury?

Despite Albright's eschewing of public markets, it has two subsidiaries registered with the SEC  Albright Multi-Strategy Fund I, L.P. has a minimum investment of $5 million with virtually everything else indefinite.  Albright Securities LLC is a securities broker dealer.  Ernst & Young described Albright Securities:

The Company was formed primarily to serve as the private placement agent in connection. with one or more private funds sponsored by Albright Capital Management.  

Ernst & Young mentioned another fund, the Flagship Multi-Strategy Fund   The most interesting revelation about Albright Securities LLC came under the tax section of the audit:

No provision for federal or state income taxes has been made since the company is not a taxable entity.   
Globalist Madeline Albright shared her motivation in launching an emerging markets fund.  Bloomberg reported:

She got into the business because "she sees a need for investing to create a middle class" in emerging markets.

Why isn't Madeline helping the average investor here at home?

"To be blunt, the access that Madeleine Albright gives (clients) through her global contacts is unprecedented."
Unprecedented like Hurricane Katrina, the BP Oil Spew or Forbes latest billionaire list?  America's middle class plummets while billionaires grow 21%.  It's clear who Madeline is working for.

(Thanks to Economic Policy Journal)