Thursday, March 24, 2011

Latest Moves in Carlyle's Great Cash In

The Carlyle Group announced a series of moves monetizing affiliates.

Carlyle Group and Providence Equity Partners LLC are planning to sell Swedish cable operator Com Hem AB.

ManorCare will sell $6.1 billion worth of nursing home facilities to a health care REIT.  

Allison Transmission will go public in a $750 million offering.

Carlyle sold Offshore Incorporations to IK Partners.

Carlyle put Insight Communications on the auction block.

Dunkin' Brands  sold $7.4 million in mixed securities ($26 million since 2009)
In other news Carlyle is headed to Sub-Saharan Africa, where target industries include consumer goods, financial services, agriculture, infrastructure and energy.  Offices will be in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Lagos, Nigeria.  Nigeria is widely know for corruption. How about Angola, where Carlyle's Cobalt Energy is in a joint venture with shadowy partners?

Update 6-8-11:  Carlyle is in the running for a South African equipment repair firm, Savcio Holdings.