Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exceptional Ben Bernanke

Fed Chief Ben Bernanke creates system exceptions wherever he goes.  They range from The Federal Reserve supporting foreign banks to bypassing airport security, where ordinary citizens are radiated or felt up.  Bernanke walks unimpeded past the throng, narrowly avoiding a 95 year old woman having to remove her adult diaper for agents.  Ben gets to keep his on, should he be wearing one.

What new system will the Fed Chief create as America moves to self-boarding gates?  Will he get a personal escort onto the plane, as fellow passengers get cattle prodded or have the door slam in their face for being slow?  Bernanke sits in the section of the plane that still offers food, enjoying a a glass of Chablis, pistachios and the comfort of a warm wet hand cloth (the kind that would've helped the 95 year old woman).

Surely Carlyle Group's ARINC programmed in something special for VIP's like Ben.  Carlyle grew from $3 billion to over $106 billion under management in a decade by catering to the wealthy and connected.  Ben Bernanke will get more exceptions.  Everybody else gets a diaper, which may need to be removed  if soiled.