Sunday, August 14, 2011

Carlyle Group's AUM hits $153 Billion

The Carlyle Group broke through the $100 billion barrier in early 2011.  It took six months to breach $150 billion. 

CityBizList Washington reported Carlyle's U.S Equity Opportunity Fund raised $243 million, only four months after their initial filing.  Foreside Fund earned a $362,000 sales commission for pushing Carlyle's U.S. fund.

Carlyle's legal, compliance and tax chief is a principal in the venture.  He's a fellow graduate of the University of Virginia, only he majored in political science and obtained a law degree.  Had he gone through McIntire School of Commerce, it would've been before private equity underwriters became ubiquitous.

Update 8-17-11:  Carlyle's pushing for a premium valuation for its looming IPO.  A filing could come within a month.

Update 8-21-11:  Carlyle's history of profit-maximizing exits can be seen in QinetiQ

Update 8-23-11:  Carlyle pressed the pedal to the floor on marketing to investors, the non-IPO version.  They're going after Aussie and Hong Kong money.