Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Carlyle's Bill Conway: Quit Firing People

Carlyle Group co-founder Bill Conway, the billionaire that wants to grow jobs, could start by not firing people.  BBC News reported:

Carpet company Brintons is to axe 70 jobs as part of a cost-cutting programme at its Worcestershire base.  The firm was bought out by the Carlyle Group last month in a £40m deal to secure its future.  Brintons employs 1,700 people globally, of which 700 are in the UK. It plans to lose 70 mainly office-based staff in Kidderminster, a spokesman said.
Brintons employees should enter the Conway $1 billion sweepstakes.  Carlyle's Chris Ullman  wants to hear from Conway's latest group of de-poled fishermen.

First, Carlyle axed worker pensions, then they cleavered workers.  It's a Halloween nightmare, courtesy of the DBD's (Carlyle's co-founders).