Sunday, October 16, 2011

What Occupy Wall Street Doesn't Know

Does Occupy Wall Street know Obama's top two White House staffers, William Daley and Nancy-Ann DeParle have JP Morgan roots?  For his first three years President Obama continued the Bush Corporawhorehouse on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Does Occupy Wall Street have a clue about private equity underwriters (PEUs), the new Wall Street?  Infamous Blue and Red political names retire, join lobbying houses and accept a plum Senior Advisor PEU position. Blue Tom Daschle and Red Bill Frist symbolize the new Wall Street.

Does Occupy Wall Street realize the Clinton Global Initiative is the #1 event for CEOs?  Do they know Larry Summers, architect of Gramm-Leach-Bliley, is now Senior Advisor for Andreessen Horowitz, a high tech vulture capital firm?  Summers is also on the board of Square, a Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers investment.

A KPCB partner is former Vice President Al Gore, a double PEU given his status at Generation Investment Management.  Also at Kleiner Perkins?  Reds Meg Whitman and  Colin Powell

The big money game is truly bipartisan.  Wall Street supported candidate Obama in 2008.  They'll place their bets for 2012, knowing the winner will appoint their people to key White House slots.  I venture nary an Occupy Wall Streeter will be among them.

While serving the public, the aforementioned Nancy-Ann DeParle raked in residual PEU stakes that didn't appear on her financial disclosure forms, much like Red Rick Scott.

The Blue plated Podesta lobbying clan is happy to take money to influence legislation or buy face time with White House staffers.   How long before a Podesta offers to help the Occupiers?

Occupy Wall Street is great political theater, but they can't reform a system they don't understand and don't have the means to replace. 

It's a PEU world.