Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Morgan Stanley Pays Carlyle TGI Premium

The Carlyle Group sold 5 million shares of Triumph Group (TGI) via a secondary offering.  The prospectus showed a maximum price of $54.50 and proceeds of $272.5 million.  Morgan Stanley went $1.35 million better:

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC has agreed to purchase 5,000,000 shares of common stock from the selling stockholders at a price of $54.77 per share, resulting in $273,850,000 aggregate proceeds to the selling stockholders.
The extra proceeds could go toward repaying Carlyle's $35 million tab with the state of Texas, taken long before Carlyle sold Vought Aircraft Industries to Triumph.

Vought happens to be Governor Rick Perry's jobs MVP.  For $35 million Vought cut 35 jobs vs. adding 3,000.  That's $1 million Rick Perry paid per job eliminated.  As politicians are taught to lie boldly, the Governor and Presidential hopeful said Vought created 26,000 new jobs.  That claim is as patently laughable as Perry's Presidential run.

Enough disturbing history, why would Morgan Stanley pay The Carlyle Group a premium?

A different Morgan (JP) is one of three underwriters for Carlyle's IPO.  For those interested, Carlyle's revised S-1 hit the SEC website.  The omissions can be as good as the revelations.