Friday, December 30, 2011

WSJ Aids Carlyle's IPO Push

The Wall Street Journal highlighted how The Carlyle Group avoided the European meltdown. It reported:

Carlyle Group, setting itself up for a planned IPO in 2012, turned in a stronger year of investment and exits in 2011, bucking the prevailing gloom across Europe and buying companies in a range of sectors and sizes while managing a series of successful asset sales.

WSJ failed to mention on whose back Carlyle entered two European investments, RAC and Brintons.  It was employees.  Carlyle shed pension plan responsibility at both RAC and Brintons. 

WSJ charitably referred to Carlyle's buyout of Brintons:

Carlyle Strategic Partners bought upmarket carpet-maker Brintons out of administration

As debt holder Carlyle forced Brintons' into a prepackaged bankruptcy.  The Brintons' family may not pony up funds anytime soon for Carlyle investments, despite the "record $15 billion return to investors over the year from The Carlyle Group's global activities."  WSJ sold Carlyle from start to finish.  That should ensure reporter access.