Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carlyle's 11 New Funds

After citing The Carlyle Group's "forgettable" first quarter results, FinAlternatives reported:

The Carlyle Group plans to raise 11 new funds this year to capitalize on an increase in deal-making activity, what co-CEO William Conway called "a fantastic time to make investments."

Among the fundraisings planned is $10 billion for its flagship North America fund and its fourth Asian fund.
 WSJ added:

Conway went on to say in a conference call with investors and analysts that “it is precisely at times like this, when economic data and markets are sending confusing signals, that the best investments can be made.”
I.e., when banks won't lend, PEU's prey.  The Carlyle's of the world use the front and back door to obtain victims. 

Conway expects the fundraising environment to improve.  I hope he's more prophetic than fellow co-founder David Rubenstein, who predicted Carlyle's public units would rise post IPO.