Saturday, August 18, 2012


Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney brags about his background as a private equity underwriter (PEU) at Bain Capital.  Lesser known are Paul Ryan's familial PEU ties.  .Ryan's brother Tobin is a PEU with Seidler Equity  Partners. 

Meanwhile, the Obama team appears ready to let Jon Corzine off the hook.

FORTUNE — Jon Corzine is “weighing whether to start a hedge fund,” according to a NY Times article that also says the former MF Global boss is unlikely to face criminal charges for his role in the brokerage firm’s collapse.

Red and Blue love private equity, so much so, the word PEUbiquitous came to mind.  Eisenhower's Military-Industrial Complex engorged on trillions in federal steroids to become the Government-Corporate Monstrosity.  PEU's are deeply intertwined in America's political fabric.  Both political parties stand to deliver for their PEU sponsors.

Update 9-11-12:  Bloomberg reported PEU Romney avoided PEU Rick Scott (Florida Governor) on the campaign trail. 

Update 11-20-23:  Congress may establish a bipartisan fiscal commission to tackle our country's burgeoning debt.  Senator Mitt Romney is leading this legislative effort.  No word on how many PEUs will serve their interests on this commission.  Thirteen years of preferred "carried interest" taxation.  Sweet!