Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Adviser: PEU & Biden Partner

Three months ago Vice President Joe Biden discounted Mitt Romney's foreign policy as out of date and "back to the future."  Romney's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor Dan Senor offered a stirring defense.

"It is President Obama's track record that has sent a message to our friends and allies, be they in governments or be they in dissident movements, who want to stand with us, who want to lock arms with us, who are looking to American leadership, who are really left exposed and isolated," said Romney Foreign Police Advisor Dan Senor.
Last week Mitt Romney took Senor's position that the Israeli culture positioned its people for economic success.  The U.S. pushed an "economic freedom" meme in the Middle East, which failed to catch fire in the brutally oppressed and politically divided Palestinian Territories. 

Behind this front stage battle, one finds private equity underwriter (PEU) ties.  PEU Dan Senor worked for The Carlyle Group from 2001-2003.  Senor went on to found Rosemont Capital, an investment/hedge fund.

Rosemont's TALF SPV took Treasury money, over $130 million worth.  Here's the picture:

Government largess is a critical success factor with private equity underwriters, through preferred tax status, direct capital injections or access to federal contracts.

Looking at Senor's Rosemont Capital, one finds affiliate Rosemont Realty, which has R. Hunter Biden on its Board of Advisors.

Hunter is the son of Vice President Joe Biden, the man Senor seeks to defeat. Hunter Biden and Dan Senor can set aside personal and political differences in the pursuit of money.  It's the PEU way, supported by politicians of both Red and Blue stripes.

Others have written about Senor's background, but none found the Junior Biden PEU connection.

Update 10-3-19:  Hunter Biden's PEU did a $1.5 billion joint venture with the Bank of China.

Update 11-22-19:  ZeroHedge reported on Rosemont taking TALF money.  

Update 12-18-20:  President Elect Joe Biden calls investigations into son Hunter "foul play."  

Update 10-4-21:  Blue PEU Hunter Biden still owns 10% of a Chinese private equity firm through Skaneateles LLC.  Hunter is the sole owner of Skaneateles.