Monday, April 29, 2013

Carlyle Group is Deliberately ?

The Carlyle Group published an Annual Review and Corporate Citizenship Report.  The co-founders' letter mentioned LifeCare's bankruptcy and Synagro's equity write off.  They didn't mention Church Street Health Management, another Carlyle affiliate that went bankrupt in early 2012.

LifeCare lost 25 patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The hospital with the highest death toll warranted not one mention in Fran Townsend's Lessons Learned Report, enabling Carlyle to keep their good name.

Synagro bribed the wife of Rep. John Conyers D-MI, Monica Conyers.  Synagro declared bankruptcy last week.

Church Street Health Management settled with Medicaid for billing for unnecessary procedures for low income children.

ARINC received a 33 month ban from the World Bank for "procurement violations." 

Carlyle is deliberately different, causing heavy losses from poor management theory.  They will never learn.

Update 5-6-13:  The Baltimore Sun reported on the Synagro bankruptcy.  "Synagro has a contract with Baltimore to operate and provide equipment at Patapsco Wastewater Treatment Plant on Asiatic Avenue and Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant on Eastern Avenue.  The plants treat wastewater for the city, and Synagro recycles the byproducts for use as fertilizer and as an energy source, said Tom Becker, a company spokesman. The plants' assets, and wastewater treatment plants in Philadelphia and Sacramento, will be included in the sale to EQT but not in the Chapter 11 filing, the company said.