Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Africa PEUbiquitous for Carlyle Group

BizCommunity reported:

The African Development Bank and The Carlyle Group will host their inaugural joint initiative called 'In the Board Room' program in partnership with the University Of Cape Town Graduate School of Business "UCT" in South Africa.
The 'in the Board Room' initiative is envisaged for global leaders in business to business schools and campuses across Africa to share their views with sub-Saharan students. During the meeting, senior members of the African Development Bank and The Carlyle Group will conduct discussion driven presentations on business development, ownership and management to UCT business students, alumni and faculty.

Ah, formative students will be indoctrinated into greed, leverage, mining political connections, negotiating settlements without admission of guilt and preferred carried interest taxation, making PEU's virtual nonprofits.

For how many centuries has the West raped Africa?  30% annual returns come on someone's back. 

The African Development Bank put $50 million into Carlyle's sub-Saharan Africa Fund.  That press release highlighted the "in the Boardroom" program:

AfDB and Carlyle will also jointly launch the “In-the-Board-Room” programme, an audio series targeted at African business students. The programme will provide more than 1,000 African business students with access to messages on inspirational leadership, a sense of strategic command and lessons in crisis management
Who can forget Carlyle's Rubenstein's inspirational message on frothy deals with easy debt terms as being "like sex?"  Carlyle's strategic command can be seen from Synagro's bribing public officials to SemGroup's billions in bad energy bets to ARINC's being banned from World Bank projects for nearly three years..

Crisis management is Carlyle's distinctive competency.  It helps when "business media" salivates for the slightest contact with a Carlyle founder.  They only seem able to produce puff pieces on modern day Robber Barons..

Carlyle's Lifecare lost 25 patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a distinct failure to manage in a crisis.  Their legal defense was patients became wards of the federal government as soon as FEMA set up in New Orleans.

Under seven years of ownership Carlyle loaded LifeCare with debt, such that the company imploded.  In its bankruptcy filing LifeCare blamed Hurricane Katrina for its demise, not its PEU owners.

Carlyle Capital Corporation was the canary in the coal mine for the September 2008 financial crisis.  CCC imploded in March of '08, after which Carlyle ran from its carcass.

African students will likely not hear any of these stories.  Just as Rubenstein et al opened up Libya for Western financial interests, they'll open up Africa.  Will African leaders have better luck than Gadhafi