Wednesday, August 14, 2013

CGI "Confesses" Past Transgressions to Create More in Future

The NYT ran a piece on "conflicts of interest" at the Clinton Global Initiative.  Let's be clear, the Clinton's, like the Bush's before them, live in a perpetual conflict of interest stew.  Bill Clinton's wealth potential is now magnified by Hillary's outsized speaking fees to the KKR's and Teneo's of the world.  Bill and Hillary give corporate and private capital chieftains access to Blue team officials, while Jeb and company cover the Reds. 

The NYT story is a fake "come clean, we'll start running Bill's baby professionally" story.  It sets the Clinton's up to reload CGI to ride Hillary's already ethically challenged wave and build Chelsea's credibility as a power broker for corporations.  Somehow the NYT couldn't find Chelsea's board seat at IAC.

Update 11-29-14:  Hillary's $300,000 speech at UCLA benefits the family foundation and reveals the disturbing aspects of America's Goverment-Corporate Monstrostity (GCM)

Update 9-6-15:  As the Clinton's move forward it can be instructive to look back

Update 11-5-16:  As far back as 2008 CGI leaders knew of ethical conflicts and failed to address them.