Monday, August 5, 2013

WaPo Paper to Bezos, Graham to Pick New PEU Name

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will buy The Washington Post newspaper and associated digital content.  The company trading as WPO will pick a new name.  Bezos promised not to change the newspaper's values.  That means not writing about Bilderberg while in attendance at the event, even when the meeting is in WaPo's backyard and Donal Graham is in attendance.

I don't want Donald Graham throwing up his hands, struggling to rename his PEU empire.  So I'll offer a few ideas:

The Cracker Group LLC
Monument Capital (already taken by a virtual Carlyle Group affiliate)
Whitberg, Bilderbread and Forneycation Capital Advisors
PEU-PO Asset Management

I'm sure Graham will hire a firm to create a name from scratch, like Carlyestone, Blackhole Group or RiverFoam Investments.  Personally, I'm sitting on the edge of my chair in anticipation of a new name slowly pouring from WaPo's ink smeared pages.  That's it!  Heinz-CatchUp-Hunt Brothers.

Update 10-25-23:  A Bono, Bezos, Gates company intended to revolutionize trucking may be going under.  Convoy will "shut down core business operations immediately while some staff would be retained to wind down operations and for potential future strategic options."