Sunday, January 26, 2014

PEU Jobs Suck Life Out of Youth

Captains of finance can get snarky with one another.  Take Randall Dillard, managing director and chief investment officer at Liongate Capital Management, a fund of hedge funds.  Speaking to students at the London School of Economics Dillard offered advice on working long hours in investment banking.  Dealbook reported:

But he was rather dour on the private equity sector. “Trust me, after eight or nine years you will want to commit suicide,” he said, calling it the “roughest business to do well in.” He managed $22 billion in private equity assets, he said. “I couldn’t go to the movies without feeling guilty.”
I would venture most investment banking, hedge fund and PEU jobs are largely soulless.  There aren't enough extrinsic rewards in the world to fill an empty soul.  It always needs more.