Saturday, October 25, 2014

Conan's Loss & Albright's Argentine Burn

ABC News reported on the Twitter interchange between Conan O"Brien and former Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

Madeleine Albright proved to be a good sport when Conan O'Brien cracked a joke on Twitter that name-checked the former U.S. secretary of state. 

On Thursday afternoon, the TBS late-night host quipped, "I picked out my Halloween costume. I’m going as 'Slutty Madeleine Albright."

Albright, 77, rose up to the challenge and tweeted a joke of her own, at O'Brien's expense, saying: "I'm considering going as hunky Conan O'Brien - but that might be too far fetched." 

O'Brien got a kick out of Albright's response. He responded, "YES - My first twitter war with a former Secretary of State! You're next, George P. Shultz!"

Albright then made it clear that she's not one to be messed with: "Never get into a word war with a diplomat," she warned. "We talk even more than comedians."
Another reason not to war with Madeline is her propensity for threatening others with a five point plan.  Albright shared a hedge fund's plan for destabilizing Argentina in her role as lobbyist for the firm.  I'm not sure which Madeline Albright is scarier, Conan's Halloween outfit or the international arm twister on behalf of the greed and leverage boys. 

Madeline is all about power.  Disrespect her and a price will be paid. I hope it's not another 500,000 Iraqi children.