Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hillary's In Race: Deval Joins Bain Capital

Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for President on Sunday.  On Monday Fortune reported former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a rising star on the Blue team, will join Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's private equity underwriting (PEU) firm.  Hillary, imitating the tough talking Obama candidate that disappeared after installation, took on billionaires.  Yes, the very same friends her and Bill join on their private jets and confab with in Davos.

Hillary is an ethics nightmare.  Her family foundation steered big money to friends, later apologizing for poor internal accounting controls.  She gave a dear friend a full time government position while that person enjoyed other well paying employment.  The latest is her e-mail debacle.  She ended that by eliminating everything.  Good thing it's stored in an NSA database, possibly in Utah.

Deval Patrick will be a partner for Bain Capital which flips companies for huge returns, management fees, debt-funded dividends and preferred taxation.  That's Bain's aim, socially conscious or unconscious.

Either member of America's royal families, Hillary or Jeb, will cater to the PEU class, just as Obama and W. have done.  Obama fooled us and Hillary's lining up to do the same.  I hope Americans gray matter is firmly engaged for the race ahead.

“It's not what she says, it's what she does.” Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Hillary will be saying alot as she shoots for her $2.5 billion fundraising goal.  It will interesting to see how congruent her words are with her record.

Update 4-18-15:  Wall Street knows Hillary's populist talk is just that and is happy to fund her campaign.  Also, Jeb Bush used the public treasury to generate fees for firms supporting his brother's Presidential campaigns.

Update 4-23-15:  Supporting the Clinton ethics nightmare assertion:  The Clinton Foundation will redo five years of tax returns.  Hillary's work as Secretary of State facilitated payments to her husband and the family's foundation.

Update 11-14-19:  PEU Deval Patrick threw his name in the hat for the Democratic Presidential nomination.  I guess he felt the need to defend the greed and leverage boys.  Boys R Us.