Sunday, May 17, 2015

Wesley Clark Joined Jeb Bush as InnoVida Consultant

Bloomberg reported on General Wesley Clark's numerous board seats and consulting arrangements.  One of those, InnoVida, took in Jeb Bush, first as a consultant and then a full fledged fiduciary board member.

Clark says he also sensed trouble at privately held InnoVida, whose product—a new type of building material—he once pitched to the president of Haiti. After further researching the company, Clark says he rejected an invitation to be on the board. InnoVida’s founder is serving a 12-year prison sentence for fraud. 
 Bloomberg left off the Jeb Bush connection.  Did Bloomberg extend a courtesy to Jeb whose InnoVida settlement included a non-disparagement clause? 

Consider InnoVida a portal into the Government-Corporate Monstrosity.  It's American branded but clearly global in nature.  As I've written many times, politicians Red and Blue love PEU.