Saturday, October 3, 2015

Carlyle Group Gets New Lunchroom

The Daily Beast reported:

D.C.’s Hottest New Powerbroker Hangout…Is a Grill 

Tadich Grill, a much-loved San Francisco denizen, has a new East Coast outpost in the nation’s capital.  Will the elite take it to their hearts?

Tadich will rise or fall based on foot traffic and the suit-clad denizens of surrounding office buildings. Luckily for the new management, the private equity firm The Carlyle Group, co-founded by billionaire Washington philanthropist David Rubenstein, has its offices upstairs.

“This will be our new lunchroom,” one Carlyle employee remarked.

Everything old is new again.
As in robber baron old and PEU new.  Old schoolers have long dined on the bones of many. The lunchroom is a place for the new generation, including Hunter Biden, to express their appetite for power and greed.