Sunday, November 1, 2015

W. Rejoins Fran Townsend as Security Keynotes

Washington Exec reported:

SAP NS2 will host its 4th annual Solutions Summit on Thursday, October 29 at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, VA.

This year’s theme is “Human Critical: Empowering People to Drive US National Security Services”. It will focus on the people that drive the missions and examining the relationship between technology and people and how the business of national security overall can be improved.

The Keynote Speakers for this event will be former President George W. Bush; US Navy Commander, US Cyber Security Command Director and NSA Chief Admiral Michael S. Rogers; and Chair of the SAP NS2 Board of Directors and EVP at MacAndrews and Forbes Holdings, Inc. Frances Townsend.
Many of us can't forget how this pair failed the people of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina and the abysmal investigation foisted on the public by Fran Townsend.
Her whitewash omitted the hospital with thirty six deaths to the benefit of LifeCare Hospitals, twenty six deaths, and Tenet Healthcare, ten deaths.  The Carlyle Group owned LifeCare and a year after Fran's horrific report brother Jeb Bush was appointed to Tenet's board of directors.

Many Americans would like our security apparatus trained upon the sick practice of political aggrandizement and covering for those who cover for others.  It's a system with no accountability, as evidenced by the rejoining of two colossal failures in national security.  I bet they yucked it up.

Update 11-7-11:  "Normally free from criticism, much less accountability, the careerists of Washington enjoy a lucrative racket." Fran and W. are grateful for that.