Sunday, December 13, 2015

Corker's Refiled Financial Reports Back to 2007

WSJ reported:

Sen. Bob Corker failed to properly disclose millions of dollars in income from real estate, hedge funds and other investments since entering the Senate in 2007, according to new financial reports filed by the Tennessee Republican. 

Mr. Corker late Friday filed a series of amendments showing that his personal financial reports as originally filed included dozens of errors and omissions.
Corker put the blame on accountants, even though the duty to accurately file is solely his.  

“I am extremely disappointed in the filing errors that were made in earlier financial disclosure reports,” Mr. Corker said in a statement.
Maybe those poor filing errors will feel horrible for making Mr. Corker look bad.

It's another glimpse into our world of abysmal leadership, where no one takes responsibility, quality is an ancient notion and honor has been replace by greed.  Well done, Mr. Corker, another accountant has been vanquished.