Monday, December 12, 2016

Rick Perry's Two Energy Board Seats to Become One

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is on the short list for President elect Donald Trump's Energy Chief.  Shortly after his term ended in January 2015 Perry joined the board of Energy Transfer Partners and its corporate relative, Sunoco Logistics Partners.  The plan is for the two companies to merge in January 2017.  A recent investor presentation showed:

The presentation had a slide specific to the Dakota Access pipeline:

The small print at the bottom states:

(1) 686 miles of converted pipeline + 68 miles of new build. 
(2) Bakken Crude Pipelines owned 45% ETP, 30% SXL (operator), 25% P66 (post closing of Bakken equity sale, ownership will be ETP and SXL - 38.25%, MarEn - 36.75%, and P66- 25%).

What might a Rick Perry led Energy Department do on the now halted Dakota pipeline?  I bet he'd jumpstart it and add a subsidy if he could.