Thursday, June 29, 2017

PEU Deals Back On

Nearly one out of ten corporate buyout in 2017 involved private equity underwriters (PEU).  These are the people who flip whole companies in search of gigantic returns for a handful of executives and their PEU sponsor.    The greed and leverage boys enjoy close relations with leaders of both the Red and Blue political parties.  Red team's Jason Chaffetz is leaving Congress, hoping to land positions on corporate boards.  How many might be PEU owned?  I see Chaffetz getting a PEU appointment straight up.  He just might not do it right away, a strategy employed by Blue Team's Evan Bayh.

Chaffetz could be replaced by Tanner Ainge, co-founder of PEU Prelude Partners and formerly with Jon Huntsman's HGGC.  

There are companies to buy and influence to arrange.  There are Congressional seats to buy, directly or indirectly.  It's the PEU way!