Thursday, December 21, 2017

Carlyle Ready to Profit from Trickle Down

The Carlyle Group invested in three companies that serve corporate human resources and employee health.  Carlyle will buy BenefitMall, a provider of employee benefits and payroll services.  It also took controlling stakes in MedRisk, which provides worker's compensation software, and Net Health, a provider of electronic medical records software solutions for specialized outpatient care, including workplace health.

Republicans insist that the trillions of dollars headed back to corporations will get funneled into investments, job creation, and wage growth, a recitation of the theory of trickle-down economics. 
Should companies actually invest more in employee salary/benefits Carlyle's new divisions could benefit handsomely.  How much of Red Team trickle down with trickle up to The Carlyle Group?  Leverage could magnify the trickle up.    

Update 1-4-18:  BenefitMall announced a new CEO.   He comes from Greyhound.