Friday, September 6, 2019

PEU Pete for President

The Late Show hosted presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.  The candidate said:

If you start the clock in the early '80s when I was born, that's about the time that alot of things slowed down or stopped in this country from wage growth for most Americans to progress in alot of issues of equity...

Pete was born in the same decade as many private equity underwriters, which donated significant sums to the Buttigieg campaign.

The greed and leverage boys are betting on Buttigieg.  They will make numerous wagers such that their political influence remains outsized. 

Update 10-22-19:  Another media source noticed Pete's corporate bona fides. 

Update 12-15-20:  President Elect Biden indicated he would nominate Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary.  PEU Infrastructure funds must be excited.