Thursday, January 16, 2020

Davos Talk: America's PEU Foreign Policy

The annual meeting of global tamperers will occur in Davos, Switzerland next week.  The World Economic Forum made life much better for the billionaire class.  Nearly 120 billionaires plan to attend.

Two WEF Directors, David Rubenstein and Al Gore, are private equity underwriters (PEU).  Both are speaking at the event.

President Donald Trump will also speak and he will be joined by his entourage, which also includes at least one billionaire.  This year's event is centered around seven themes.

I'd like a presentation on how the 119 billionaires used the World Economic Forum to grow their riches over the last two decades and how most people in our world were left out of any semblance of economic growth.

Instead the public will hear Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein talk about U.S foreign policy, alongside Jane Harman and the editor of Foreign Affairs.

President Trump will speak as the Senate undertakes his impeachment for withholding military aid for Ukraine.  PEUReport ran a number of stories on Hunter Biden and Burisma, long before those became household words.  America likes foreign economies to enrich Westerners.  The game is played by both political parties.

Politicians Red and Blue love PEU, as now does Ukraine.  A special PEU meeting will occur at the Ukraine Davos House.

President Trump and President Zelensky can visit by phone or in person next week in Davos.

The world can wait for whatever Steven Mnuchin (Dune Capital) and Ukrainian counterpart Natalie Jaresko (Horizon Capital) have up their sleeve to ensure the PEU rich get richer.

Update 1-17-20:  Will selfless billionaires save us all?  I sincerely doubt it, not given their PEUinterest.  I ran across an interview between Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk and David Rubenstein from September 2019.  More bonafides for Rubenstein to speak on America's PEU foreign policy.  Honcharuk recently offered his resignation after making comments critical of Zelensky's understanding of the economy.

Update 1-18-20:  "In the nine years since the Occupy movement forced income inequality into the mainstream discourse, there has been little to no progress on the issue despite its being ardently discussed by elites at Davos."  Why?  The 120 billionaires in attendance won't say so.

The last time the Trump administration joined a group of global tamperers in Switzerland was Bilderberg 2019.  Jared Kushner loves Swiss____?

Update 1-20-20:  The estimated cost of President Trump's speech to global tamperers is $3.4 million.   Trump joins Bill Clinton as the only U.S. Presidents to attend Davos' World Economic Forum.  Bill and Donald have much in common, as politicians Red and Blue love PEU.