Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Carlyle Bidding on Fly Leasing

 Seeking Alpha reported The Carlyle Group is one of three remaining bidders for aircraft leasing company, Fly Leasing.  Fly leases commercial jets to "a diverse group of airlines throughout the world."

Carlyle announced the deal for Global Jet Capital in October 2014.  It closed in early 2015.  Carlyle's website states Global Jet Capital is "provider of leasing and lending solutions to the private aviation market."

Fly's website shows a Boeing 787 aircraft which Carlyle should know well.  Carlyle owned Vought Aircraft Industries, a major 787 supplier.  

Boeing bought out Vought's South Carolina operations after Carlyle gunked up 787 production.  Senator Lindsey Graham helped Carlyle decide to take the $66.7 million from South Carolina, which handily beat the $35 million Texas Governor Rick Perry already gave Carlyle for the same jobs.  

Perry claimed Vought created 26,000 new jobs when in reality it cut 35.  Texans paid $1 million per job lost to the politically connected private equity underwriter (PEU).  Vought knew in 2006 it was not going to provide its Texas jobs commitment.

Amounts previously disclosed for 2004 have been updated to reflect a reclassification of $35 million in grants received from the State of Texas from operating activities to financing activities.

Rick Perry fed public money to the right people and for that he eventually became President Trump's Energy Secretary.  

Follow the PEU boys and you'll find a pot of money and a gaggle of politicians.  Politicians Red and Blue love PEU.

Update 3-26-21:   General Atlantic invested in Greensill in 2018, before its cataclysmic implosion. A former Medicare Chief came to mind when I learned a Congressional Committee will explore nursing home care provided by PEU affliates.  Gail Wilensky sat on ManorCare's board when The Carlyle Group purchased the giant nursing home company.  Carlyle ran ManorCare into the ground.