Monday, April 5, 2021

PEU Hires Israeli Spy Firm that Specializes in PEUs


Black Cube, a secretive Israeli investigative firm, sought to embarrass a judge who made an unfavorable ruling against a financial-firm client for a fee of as much as $11 million, according to an Ontario court ruling.

The client, Toronto private-equity firm Catalyst Capital Group Inc., agreed to pay the fee to Black Cube, which dispatched agents to discredit a Canadian judge and a rival firm in an effort code-named “Project Maple Tree,” the ruling said.

Black Cube's website states:

Black Cube offers fast and accurate intelligence and analysis services for hedge funds, private equity firms and large investment houses who require investigative research on their investment opportunities.

The greed and leverage boys are policy making billionaires.  How many of those policies came from espionage style dirt on elected officials?